Make it a Habit! BookMake it a HABIT!

Creating Health and Happiness for your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Delves into many habits, both good and bad, that affect all human beings. The book covers three perspectives of habits: Those that affect the body and compromise physical health; those that affect the mind and play a part in your lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, jobs, and general behavior; and those that affect your spiritual practices, attitudes about life and especially your happiness. [read more…]

Beyond the Holocaust: An Immigrant’s Search for Identity

This book is based on my memoirs as a refugee from WW2. I was 2 years old when my family and I escaped from Belgium and traveled through France during the war, leaving Europe to Brazil with fake diplomatic visas and smuggled into Argentina, where I spent two years in a convent. My arrival in the United States as a teenager and all that entailed is all in the first part of the book.

In the second part of the book, I cover more general issues that many immigrants experience such as Survivors’ Guilt, the process of assimilation, the plight of the adolescent immigrant, and the struggle for national identification. [read more…]